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Oct 30 2018 17:49 PM Post #3192

Which game? : D.O
Oh, and not only do my player kills go down, but my look and stats completely change back originally. So earlier, I was a ground dragon with the earth element and a black skin. Then, I changed itto a flying dragon with the Lightning element and the "special skin". After changing my skin and stats and stuff, I went on YouTube for a bit, so I had to load D.O back up. When I went back on however, my skin had changed back to black, my element had changed back to earth, and my stats changed back to ground stats. So, whenever I close D.O and go back on, it removes kills on my profile and it changes my stats and look, which I find absolutely infuriating. I beg you Dev, please help meh.. I'm not sure if it's just me this is happening to, but still.. It's bugging me ;-; Please help!

- Devs Reply -
Sounds like your device doesn't like saving and loading properly.
Google your phone/tablet model and see if others have same problem and if they have solution, for games not saving.
Oct 30 2018 9:21 AM Post #3191

Which game? : D.O
Whoops, I meant 15964, not 15974. My apologies! 😅
Oct 30 2018 9:15 AM Post #3190

Which game? : Dragons Online
Hi Dev. It's been a while since I last contacted you, but I have an issue I'd like to report. Recently, I've noticed that whenever I exit D.O, and go back on it within a matter of hours, my player kills on my profile go down. Like, a few weeks ago, I achieved 16000+ player kills, but I went on D.O on Sunday, and I noticed that I only had 15950 player kills. And, last night I got 15975 players, but I went on just then, and I only had 15974. Could you please fix this issue? It's extremely irritating, especially when I spend my time killing other players, only to loose my kill streak. Many thanks!
Oct 24 2018 1:02 AM Post #3182

Which game? : Dragons online
Hey dev, btw uhh I wasn't saying any thing inoperate it was just Mrleader…I was very grossed out…but I was trying to say that other players do things like that to so, eh? But any ways …all the devolper surveys r missing can u plz fix it?

- Devs Reply -
Looks like the internet cut out for a bit, its back now Cool
Oct 24 2018 0:49 AM Post #3181

Which game? : Dragons Online
Hey, just fyi all the servers are gone. Did the main dragons server go down or something? Please fix it asap

- Devs Reply -
Looks like the internet cut out for a bit, its back now Cool
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