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Privacy Policy / Terms of Service
For Stephen Allen Games

Last modified: Nov 21, 2016

  • Players have permission to create videos and marketing materials from game content.
    (such as in-game footage, screenshots, store descriptions, images posted publicly on social media etc)
    It is asked however that any content, does not damage the game, game reputation or cause upset towards players and the developer(s).

  • I DO NOT collect any personal information such as cookies, names, addresses, phone numbers or emails. In rare cases where players have been abbusive on the 'chat' in the games, there IP address will be temporary stored whilst the block is active.

  • From time to time i may take screenshots of users in-game, such as players in game on 'Raptors Online'. These screenshots may be used for marketting or uploaded to social networking sites for the sole purpose to show other players the games content. No users personal information such as names, emails and numbers will be screenshotted to protect the players privacy.

  • I do not collect or store anything player/user and social networking related. Any interactivity or information players have with the social networking features in-game or through our community group pages is kept between the players and the social networking company. I ask that players dont post private information on there social networing sites to begin with, and that any images or text they share about the game be appropriate for people of all ages, locations and ethnic backgrounds

  • As no users personal information other than scores are stored by us, meaning any hacking or hacking attempts will result in the players privacy being unnaffected. This also means that players can not hack other peoples games or information, they can only change their OWN saved data on their device, this is not hacking, this is CHEATING and will result in the player being banned from ALL my online games.
    No refunds or sympathy will be given to banned players who cheat or are abusive to other players.

  • Various games may contain the abilty for users to communicate with each other, such as the chat in 'Raptors Online'. The chats are partially monitored to stop any players with absurded, abbusive or offensive language to be blocked from that match/lobby. Players have been blocked in the past for doing so in order to protect young players or players that may take offence to what is said. In this rare case the players IP address will be temporary stored whilst the block is active. Not only that, extra features such as chat censors have now been put in place, blocking out automatically any languge seemed unfit for player to player communication.

  • A few of our games have age restrictions, i ask for parents and children to abide by these for there own safety. A vareity of features have been put in place to protect people of a younge age from in-appropriate content, such as the 'chat' and 'name' cencor feature and age restriction notices/guides on certain games.

  • I may modify this Privacy Policy from time to time. When i post changes to this Privacy Policy, i will revise the "last modified" date at the top of this page. I encourage you to periodically review this Privacy Policy to be informed of how i handle and protect your information.

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    Privacy Policy / Terms of Service