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Hello. I'm Steve, i'm an all-around
technology enthusiast.
My current main
expertise is in Games Developing.

About me

  • Over 3 Million players across all my games.
  • Games on Multiple platforms including Cross-platform Multiplayers.
  • Sony Playstation 4, Vita and PS Mobile
  • Xbox One and Windows Phone (unreleased games)
  • Oculus Rift (for PC, Linux and Mac)
  • PC, OSX, Linux (Oculus Rift Share, Steam, and Mac app store)
  • Apple iOS (iPad, iPhone, Ipod)
  • Android (Google play store, Amazon Kindles, Tizen)
  • Knowledge of a variety of Operating systems and Applications.
  • I create many of my own Scripts, Textures, Models and Sounds.
  • Current preferred game engine to use is Unity 3D.
  • Created, managed and hosted multiple Websites for multiple people and businesses.

  • Like my work? ^_^
    Please remember to play, rate and review!

    Finished University with a full First Class Bachelor of Science Games Design Degree.
    Full GCSE's.
    BTEC National Diploma in both Networking and Interactive Media.

    More information available on request.

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