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Stephen Allen - Developer
Oct 02 2024 8:00 AM Post #1247

Which game? : All
Maintenance at unknown time, do not panic if games are down.
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Please DO NOT repeat the bad words on here, or go into un-nessesary descriptions, thanks! Mr. Green

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Jul 02 2024 23:22 PM Post #4919

Which game? : Raptors Online
Can I add my drawing to your fanart page pls?

- Devs Reply -
hi, yes!
use the email
mail @ StephenAllenGames .co.uk
or social media Mr. Green
Jun 27 2024 19:48 PM Post #4918

Which game? : Raptor RPG
Ngl the server is so laggy i can't play very well. Why is this the case?

- Devs Reply -
Just turning everything off and on, they have need a refresh after many months of being on Mr. Green
Jun 27 2024 8:19 AM Post #4917

Which game? : Raptors online
Add new hat and mecha triceratops
Jun 18 2024 21:43 PM Post #4916

Which game? : Raptors Online
hi, I don't know if you read this, but I wanted to tell you that "raptors Online" was part of my childhood Smile, and I wanted to see if you can update the game, improving the servers, adding the apatosaurus and the stegosaurus as enemies, more accessories and everything . Also maps from your game "raptor rpg", like the moon or the hub, thank you for reading it and I hope you listen to me, it was always my dream that you added all that, Thank you for creating those two games!!!
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