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Stephen Allen - Developer
Oct 02 2024 8:00 AM Post #1247

Which game? : All
Maintenance at unknown time, do not panic if games are down.
- Reporting players -

. Say which game
. Which server
. Their name (optional)

Please DO NOT repeat the bad words on here, or go into un-nessesary descriptions, thanks! Mr. Green

. Contact section occasionally may get cleared and refreshed.
. People pretending to be multiple players (and reporting themselves for drama) will be ignored.
. Sometimes Admin message reviewing may be activated, your message is still being received, just not public.
Fennec fox
Nov 19 2023 6:09 AM Post #4863

Which game? : Dragons Online
Fort Wildfire is down again, please put it back up.
Nov 09 2023 5:05 AM Post #4858

Which game? : Every
Hey Stephen wanted to ask you if I could create a discord server and if we could officialize an community where people at age of 13+ could join and talk with fellow fans.

- h1337
Staff Question
Nov 07 2023 21:08 PM Post #4857

Which game? : Raptors Online
Greetings Allen,
I had a few questions in my mind and I've wondered, is there a staff team in the game or can you become one?
If so please write me the requirements of becoming a staff members.
Thank you.
- h1337

- Developers Reply -
There is no Staff, just me.
No plans on hiring. Mr. Green
Nov 03 2023 5:16 AM Post #4854

Which game? : Dragons online
The Stronghold Lagoon Developer server needs to be refreshed properly. Enemies and sheep are continuously reset automatically with enemies disappearing visually upon approach by the player—same as last time.
Danke. Very Happy

- Developers Reply -
Thanks! Probably been a few months since some of the servers were last turned off and on Very Happy
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