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Stephen Allen - Developer
Dec 31 2019 1:34 AM Post #1247

Which game? : All
- Reporting players -

. Say which game
. Which server
. Their name (optional)

Please DO NOT repeat the bad words on here, or go into un-nessesary descriptions, thanks! Mr. Green

. Contact section occasionally may get cleared and refreshed.
This is ridiculous
Today 7:10 AM Post #3464

Which game? : Hill cliff horse
Hello dev, I’m not a hater or another but I definitely can tell that your “mods” are being biased. What I mean is, if one of their friends curse or talk inappropriately they don’t mute them but if it was someone else, they IMMEDIATELY get muted. I’m just sick and tired like for example a mod called Grim Sanchez heard Colby curse and keep in mind that he is her/she friend, guess what happened? She didn’t even bothered and she did not mute him.
。JC 。// Cinnabar.
Yesterday 18:22 PM Post #3463

Which game? : All
I understand that these are probably difficult, and a l o t, of things to ask for, if they ever get added, and I'm certainly not saying you have to, especially not right away. I understand you can only work on one game at a time. I just hoped to give you some ideas. ^^ I can't thank you enough for making these games the way you have already.
Thank you for reading, really,

You are still, after six years, my favorite game developer.

Your pal, JC. ♥
。JC 。// Cinnabar.
Yesterday 18:19 PM Post #3462

Which game? : All

In Dragons Online,
- Suppose we could perhaps change theme colors with a color slider? Some for the borders, maybe a gradient option, etc. Color sliders for the icons / stamping icons on the profiles may also be something to polish this off.

- We would like to see some passive preys such as rabbits,
things we can chase.
。JC 。// Cinnabar.
Yesterday 18:16 PM Post #3461

Which game? : All
- Stuff to kick around and possibly a ragdoll physics map in multiplayer? I think it'd be a nice place to cool off in if needed.
- PvP option, can't stress this enough, us Roleplayers would greatly appreciate it.

(all of the games) Overall, I absolutely can't wait to see the new account systems.
Chat color sliders seem like a nice and harmless way to express ourselves, again, making things a bit more unique.
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