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Stephen Allen - Developer
Dec 31 2019 1:34 AM Post #1247

Which game? : All
- Reporting players -

. Say which game
. Which server
. Their name (optional)

Please DO NOT repeat the bad words on here, or go into un-nessesary descriptions, thanks! Mr. Green

. Contact section occasionally may get cleared and refreshed.
Yesterday 20:49 PM Post #3783

Which game? : Dragons Online
So, I'm quite frankly disgusted. I caught one of my very good friends, doing.. things with a girl in a private server. His name is Faolin, and the girl's name is Angelica, with a pretty font. I know there's not much you can do while they're in the server, but if you catch them. At least give them a warning mute or something. Thank you a lot. - Kaeru
Yesterday 14:59 PM Post #3782

Which game? : Dragons Online
theres was a player named penny who was shouting other peoples names are stupid and he disapoint people. stop em' pls
Ĵα∂ɛ Ɖяαɢσи
Nov 16 2019 11:51 AM Post #3781

Which game? : Dragons Online
Someone named Candy with the pack cute has been forcing someone who’s into males to be her boyfriend. She then curses us out when we warn her and try to explain. Please do something.
Nov 14 2019 23:12 PM Post #3780

Which game? : raptor RPG
Hi it's me raptor and help I'm muted from chat !!!! weawear of god i never ever swore online I was talking russian with my best friend sweet dreams and i cant talk idk why i didt do anything I SWEAR!! Crying or Very sad
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