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Jul 27 2020 22:23 PM Post #4088

Which game? : Dragons Online
Will the game ever get an update? The models are garbage, and the graphics are extremely outdated. Did the dev just forget about the game and leave it to rot or what?

What's the deal??? Mad

- Devs Reply -
Thank you for your wonderful message, really seems like you love the game. Laughing
As for graphics, set them to high or ultra in options menu, and turn shadows on.
Other than that, they are limited by phone and tablet performance, if i made everything too good, it won't run on most peoples devices, a balance is needed Cool
French Fries
Jul 27 2020 19:43 PM Post #4087

Which game? : dragons online
So I’m having issues with my connection and then an error code flashes saying that I’ve been banned when I join a server? I return and It’s completely normal and I can join again. What’s happening?

- Devs Reply -
Hi, there is no flashy error codes.
There is a simple ban screen, make sure you have no weird apps installed, that are causing problems to the game or your phone/tablet Razz
Jul 27 2020 14:18 PM Post #4086

Which game? : Raptor Rpg
Dev pls help!
the server is laggy Sad and we cant fight
every one is complaining
3:15 UK time

- Devs Reply -
Hi, as i mentioned in the chat, cpu, ram and bandwidth usage was normal, went on with my iphone too for a bit, also fine, 20ms ping and graphics on ultra high.
I restarted a lot of the servers and games on that PC to refresh everything regardless.
Other things to try is close and reopen game, turn phone off and on, and check if people are streaming music/video in your house, this can cause increased ping. Smile
Jul 20 2020 20:01 PM Post #4085

Which game? : Dragons
Something needs to be done about the people forcing religion onto others, its going to kill the community
Jul 17 2020 19:48 PM Post #4084

Which game? : Dragons Online
So, there is this person in dragons online named ‘God Night Fury’ who cusses at me for no reason. They’re most common cuss word is the f cuss word which I’ve said, I got muted. I’m sorry for that, dev. But back to the chase, every time I’m on they attack me, annoy me a lot and cuss at me when I do nothing, I can’t ignore them they much. Please mute them. Have a good day if you read this, dev!
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