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Mar 11 2018 8:54 AM Post #2733

Which game? : Raptor RPG
Thanks for answering ! Smile

I'll wait for the updates, I hope that it will do something, I always loved your games and they miss me ^^
Mar 10 2018 16:34 PM Post #2732

Which game? : Raptors RPG
I'm contacting you because I have a problem with Raptor RPG. When I want to go on a multiplayer server, the game crashes as a black screen and come back to my tablet home. I can't play online. I've uninstalled and re-unstalled the game, uninstalled other games of my tablet, finished entierly the game to see if it's because of unfinished game, but it's does nothing. I have a samsung galaxy tab and a good internet/wi-fi connection. I've already played online on the game on a lower tab that I haven't anymore.
I haven't e-mail because of contacting you in secret Sad
I saw that another people had the same problem on the google play store.

I have crashes in multiplayer and offline too for Hill Cliff Horse and Raptors Online. (On HCH, i see sometimes the hors with pink bars on its skin)

Thanks for reading

- Devs Reply -
Sounds like it is certain tablets Confused
All i can suggest is to play on another device, or wait until the next updates, as the Game Engine will be a different version, and may have fixed whatever your tablet doesnt like Mr. Green
Mar 06 2018 8:19 AM Post #2731

Which game? : Dragons Online
Hi Dev. I am reporting a player from Dragons Online known as Bender. I'm pretty sure his rank was 130+. When I first joined the server, he was being all dramatic in chat by saying his hatchling got attacked. I didn't care, so I just ignored him. If I do say so myself, I pretty much kill every and any hatchling I see, so I was going to attack it. But, he kept running away, as if he knew I was there, but I was literally in the sky. He said "I think I'm safe here.." but little did he know he wasn't alone. I finally killed his hatchling, and I ran away. He then kept swearing, and saying "who killed my baby?!" but I just stayed silent. He went to the nature nest and destroyed it, and kept saying "I'm gonna destroy every nest I see". I claimed the fire nest, and he kept attacking me and the nest, even though he didn't have pvp on and I already destroyed the nest. He's being very annoying, and he was swearing. Can you ban him please? Thank you, Dev!
Mar 05 2018 1:49 AM Post #2730

Which game? : Dragons Online/D.O.
Hello! There was this one guy .. Thanks!

~The weirdest person alive
. (Lost)
Mar 04 2018 17:52 PM Post #2729

Which game? : Dragons Online
Hey Dev. As most players know, I like trolling people, mainly the high ranks. I troll them by chat killing them, attacking them whilst their fighting, randomly running into them and killing them, and a few other methods. After I've killed someone, they start swearing at me and harassing me just because I trolled them. They know they have pvp on so their gonna get killed anyway. I've been experiencing difficulties while playing the game because of this. It's not my fault I like trolling people. Also, everyone is calling me the coward, when they're literally turning pvp off. Many high rankers such as Renegade and Snowman do this, which I'm surprised. I normally have my name colour in the dark grey so no one knows my name and rank, but people think I'm a noob since "noobs troll" and they don't know my rank, so they just assume I'm a noob. I also rarely talk so they don't see my stats. Could you tell everyone to stop harassing swearing at me? Thank you, Dev! Laughing Surprised
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