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Michael Champ
Mar 20 2019 3:17 AM Post #3394

Which game? : None
Wow dev ur really trying to get me back on not ur trying to keep me off the game ur waiting it out is what ur doing seeing if I go away. Wow Dev that makes u a liar and hypocrite congratulations. U know I almost had respect for u. Ur trying to keep off me why cause ur the goon who where's a suit and use to carrie a skateboard doesn't like me am I right.

- Devs Reply -
You are not reading any of the replies, check your very first message you posted a week ago, page 2 on here i think.
Michael Champ
Mar 19 2019 1:48 AM Post #3393

Which game? : None
Hey Dev how have u been just wanted to know if u had any updates on me getting back on yet. Smile
Mar 17 2019 16:01 PM Post #3392

Which game? : Hill Cliff Horse
Oreo goes onto rp servers and if they can't join it, they'll throw a tantrum. Cursing people out and calling them rude for doing so.
They were a Nightfury,
It was a Pokemon rp.
This has happened many times to me when they join, as I don't allow Light/Nightfuries due to personal reasons even if I'm not doing a Pokemon rp. I hope you can fix this, as this has been going on for a while.
Spring Coil
Mar 16 2019 18:24 PM Post #3391

Which game? : dragons online
my dragobs online isn't wrorking :/ is it gonna hey fixed it keeps checking version and ik i shouldn't be banned since i did nothing wrong but pls get it fix it ;^; thank chu love

spring coil
or on YouTube: blitzermations and art

- Devs Reply -
Hi, there will be an update to fix Android 9 Pie connections any day now Mr. Green
Michael Champ
Mar 16 2019 0:53 AM Post #3390

Which game? : None
Dev are u gonna keep ignoring me or am I gonna get an answer from u.
Just to let u know I'm an inpatient person.

- Devs Reply -
Check your previous message on other page, i replied to you on that as soon as you posted it.
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