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Blossom (Mare)
Mar 04 2018 14:26 PM Post #2728

Which game? : Hill Cliff Horse
A gamer called Paris (Mare) keeps kicking me from her server Stallions Only! I don’t understand why cuz I haven’t been rude or anything please can you sort it out.
Ariiana || Nessi
Mar 03 2018 23:49 PM Post #2727

Which game? : Hill cliff horse
Hey dev. I'd like to report Zira Lioness. She's causing fights and taking places of other herds . Please mute or ban her before it gets worse . As of rn I think she's on Azeris server Smile
Mar 03 2018 21:20 PM Post #2726

Which game? : Hill. Cliff horse
Hey dev, I needed to report someone. Starburst, with fonts she's been really rude to me when I'm not even talking to her. It makes me really mad for something that wasn't even my fault.. Mad ...
Mar 03 2018 20:57 PM Post #2725

Which game? : ʜɪʟʟ ᴄʟɪғғ ʜᴏʀsᴇ
Hey dev, for some reason when I go to suggest or report anything the full message doesn't come through, so if I say something weird it would probably be because the full thing ain't going though. Very Happy
Rainbow dragon
Mar 03 2018 15:24 PM Post #2724

Which game? : Dragons online
Wen r u gonna fix da terrible connection i cant get on any server and when i do i always get kicked out right after and not just me my friends are gettin kicked out for no reason it super annoyin i cant even play on multiplayer plz fix it soon >Sad

- Devs Reply -
Everything looks okay to me, i think it may be to do with your internet connection.
I cannot do anything about that Smile
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