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Oct 13 2018 22:13 PM Post #3164

Which game? : Dragons online
hi dev i'd like to report a player named sans rank 3 hes been harassing me and other players he did a inappropriate thing to me but ignored it don't worry he also called me the n word and started calling me names like evil and useless and also about samantha pls fully ban her because her cyber bullying is much worse a couple of nights ago she started shamming me and it was unacceptable for her to do at her age and shes hurting everyone by her actions pls do something about this thank you ~ love Springtrap Smile
Oct 12 2018 5:24 AM Post #3162

Which game? : Dragons online
I just realized I wasn't fully banned @-@. XD sorry 'bout dat dev. Now u know how much I love meh fwends online and how much I love ur game ^^ ugh I wish I had raptors online or the other raptor game.

Well thanks for not banning me fully, u uhh kinda scared me there
Chow ^^
Oct 12 2018 3:59 AM Post #3161

Which game? : dragons online
Dev quick question. Is it even possible to Un-ban ppl?

I mean u can un-mute.
Oct 12 2018 3:55 AM Post #3160

Which game? : Dragons Online
Hey dev oof. I haven't told u my name But it looks like this ░ ⋆♰ṃєṃıċ♰ ⋆░ and. Uhh ik I've done wrong but err I don't want to restart and plus this isn't my ipad it's my aunts, and she isn't here to re download this game ;-; so I just want to be in banned. I've learned my lesson and I'll never ever do it again. ;^; and also tell my fwends that I'm banned but I will be back soon. (Zax, shoxan, Emilia, jasper, error- she changed her name and I forgot the name so. Look around for her xp)

Thanks again xc
Oct 12 2018 3:28 AM Post #3159

Which game? : Dragons online
Plz reply dev ;^; I rlly love this game and I can't live without it. I'm crying irl. Xc. Plz plz plz in ban me and mute me for three days. That will b my punishment.

Thanks again xc I hope I get back on soon
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