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Royal mare
Jan 03 2018 23:07 PM Post #2660

Which game? : Hch
Mad this mare named bell and a boy named Alex . . . please help Shocked
Jan 03 2018 20:40 PM Post #2659

Which game? : Raptor RPG
Hello again Dev ~ ! I would like to report a player who usually goes by the name of XXXXXXX and Alpha Raptor. They keep causing drama and spreading mean rumors about my friends, Alpha Raptor was cussing as well. I really hate seeing my friends fighting like this. Sad Talk to you soon, thanks for reading this~ !


P.S, Thanks for responding to my message a few days ago, I really appreciate it~!
K h o u l
Jan 03 2018 9:27 AM Post #2658

Which game? : Dragon Online
I come to comment in the game that there is a hacker called Kissa is a Russa rank 10000 is not meeting the rules of the game.

- Devs Reply -
They are gone now! Cool

Around 10 players get banned each day for attempting to cheat, the game automatically stops most of them. Twisted Evil
One getting lucky enough to get online and play is rare, i think my anti-cheat stuff does a good job don't you agree? Mr. Green
Jan 03 2018 9:10 AM Post #2657

Which game? : Raptor RPG
Hey Dev. On Raptor RPG, this one player keeps stalking me, and I find it really creepy. It all started when I was fishing. He appeared and started fishing too. When I was going to the Rewards, he kept following me. Once I got there, I went to the nest to get some eggs for the 'Egg Clothing'. Every time I go to Splash (the NPC who does the clothing), he continuously follows me and copies whatever I do. Like when I go to eat food, he copies. When I jump, he jumps. It is so, so annoying. I wanted to tell him to leave me alone, but I didn't know what his name was. Can you possibly give him a mute? He's doing my heading and will NOT leave me alone. Thank you Dev.
Blossom (Mare)
Jan 01 2018 21:27 PM Post #2656

Which game? : Hill cliff horse
Hi developer a person named spirit (stallion) keeps kicking me and other players if u could mute him temporarily or something it would be grateful he is on his own server but might not be now thanks
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