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Jun 14 2018 20:57 PM Post #2906

Which game? : Dragons online
Hey dev, right now there is someone in your fort wildfire named carnage, level 19, he's spamming the chat with his time zone. He wants to be banned for some reason. Please help
Jun 13 2018 20:43 PM Post #2905

Which game? : Dragons Online
Heyo Dev. It's Zy. I have someone to report to you. Her name is Kairry, and she's rank 500-600+. The reason I am reporting her is because of her snobby, childish behavior. Basically, whenever she gets killed by someone, she always complains and says stuff like "Hey, why kill me?!" and she always starts arguments with the person who killed her. Then, she strops off and tells people to leave her alone and not to kill her. When they confront her and say just to turn pvp off, she says "E, no" ALL THE TIME. Trust me Dev, she's an annoying, sassy little brat. Not only that, but she swears at people and calls them swear words. I killed her earlier, and she called me a stupid (s word). I think she deserves a ban. Could you possibly make that come true please, Dev? She doesn't deserve to be a player of Dragons Online because of her behaviour. Thank you, Dev. Goodbye. Mr. Green
Jun 13 2018 20:16 PM Post #2904

Which game? : Dragons online
dear Dev there is a trouble maker named aquaria who is starting drama and is swearing can you please do something about her she never leaves me and my friends alone and swears at us like a sailor please ban her-cupcake (happy summer) Smile
Jun 12 2018 21:10 PM Post #2903

Which game? : Dragons Online
Very Happy Hi dev I wanted to know is it possible for you to mute me for a week? this is crazy that a person wants to be muted X3
Also if u did :3 thank you very much dev may god be at your side and great games ۵۰۵ Mr. Green

Ps: only for a week XD @-@ plz respond Shocked
Jun 12 2018 11:42 AM Post #2902

Which game? : Hch
Hey dev again.. I need to report kam.. Again.. She's faked me and made"me" do inappropriate things to people and say I hate my mate.. Most ppl don't know it's her yet but my new name is conclusion.. Idk how to stop her that's why I need your help and advice rn.. It's hard to cope with her because she's so snobby and irritating XD
Ps:I think she honestly needs a ban..
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