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Feb 09 2019 2:57 AM Post #3321

Which game? : Hill Cliff Horse
Hi Dev! Heidi!
There are some people on a Dev server right now. Someone named 'Werewolf' was saying weird rumours about me that were making me feel very uncomfortable. Their name didn't have fonts. Also, another person without fonts: Ryan(Stud+Stally. The name says it all. He's being really you know what and it's really awkward.

I hope people don't read this message and start hating me Sad

~ Heidi
Dead eye
Feb 07 2019 0:13 AM Post #3320

Which game? : Hill cliff horses
Hi I would like to report a person named. ŋơ۷ơʂɬąιιყ who is in his server with a few people and they are all saying bad words please mute them dev!!
Feb 05 2019 22:35 PM Post #3319

Which game? : Hch
I'm here to report a few people rrow,jessie-f-teen, and T R E M O R for all using cussing words -_- they NEED to be delt with

Thanks dev^^
Feb 02 2019 22:35 PM Post #3318

Which game? : Hill Cliff Horse
Hi Dev! I’m new to the game and it’s really great! There are lots of nice people on the developer servers, but sometimes there are really big groups of people and they’re being mean to others and cussing a lot! I tried to politely ask them to stop but then they ganged up on me! I feel like there’s nothing anyone can do to stop them except you and you need your rest, and when you’re not on players are really mean. Are there moderators or something? Because if there are, maybe get some new ones because I’ve never seen one. My friend, whose been playing for a while, says there are mods, they have blue stars next to their names but I only ever see people with support stars. So maybe get a few mods? Or did you remove mods because they were violating an agreement or something?

This game is really fun and there are a lot of young people playing this so I think something needs to be done!

~ Heidi Mr. Green
Apple eing
Feb 02 2019 1:11 AM Post #3317

Which game? : Dragons online
In developer wildfire right now there is a person named poison with fonts, and a person named 666, they are saying bad words
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