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Sep 14 2019 4:54 AM Post #3704

Which game? : RaptorRPG
Hello Developer,
In RaptorRPG we use left joystick to move and right joystick to look but can you add an option by which we can move with right joystick and look with left joystick. Because I got a gamer fracture on my left thumb so I cant move it fast. Due to this I lose everytime in fights. Also this option will be good for lefties.
I hope you read messages on contact section Very Happy
Sep 09 2019 19:34 PM Post #3703

Which game? : All
Heyo. Would you ever consider adding a feature into your games to where no two players can share the name user name, and that you have to wait a certain amount of time before being able to change your name again each time you do so?

Would this cause too much chaos? Smile

Sep 08 2019 21:55 PM Post #3702

Which game? : Hill Cliff Horse
Hey, you might already know about this but the game currently has a bug that makes the horses glitch out really badly. I believe that the problem is due to the leg wraps- when I first turned them off my horse immediately started glitching, but when I turned them back on my horse was completely fine. Other horses who are also glitching, generally making it hard to play because it's hard to see anything. I just redownloaded the game today, so I'm not sure as to how long it's been happening. I use a Kindle Fire HDX. Hope it isn't too hard to fix!

- Devs Reply -
The ragdoll goes weird when warping back to the horse shape?
Sep 08 2019 2:09 AM Post #3701

Which game? : Dragons Online-zone(wolf)/xeris
Dear dev ,

It’s very rare for me to report a player or more as I don’t have that many issues with D.O as I’m just happy role playing. But today, Xeris (zone(wolf)s self-centred gf) has been bullying me and I’m getting sick and tiered of having to defend myself, I’ve ignored them I’ve asked them to stop. And they haven’t, it isn’t so much zone it’s shadow(Fox)rp, ripple, Xeris and some other people I would not like to mention as they were spectating. I thought I could trust Xeris and shadow as I thought they were my two friends, turns out they are fake friends. They are constantly swearing and it’s just irritating and hard to cope, I really like this game a lot but I can’t stand them being 🤬 against me. It isn’t all zones fault it’s just Xeris and shadow and ripple who are my main issues that I need help with.

Thanks a lot dev, I appreciate everything you do to make this game a happier place
Spider saur
Sep 07 2019 14:39 PM Post #3700

Which game? : Raptor RPG
28SJHello Stephen today when I was 1v1ing this person Godzilla says stop fighting idiots he kept on insulting us and called us kids pls ban this rude Godzilla fan he wears: black skin, black antlers, nano blue feathers and egg armor
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