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Nov 15 2018 0:08 AM Post #3220

Which game? : Dragons online
Here's another that I just caught;pyro . . . he might have left but I consider looking out for this player . . . after I've kicked him I even got temp muted for kicking him so much) . . . I hope yiu catch . . . his name is pyro its light blue
Nov 14 2018 23:55 PM Post #3219

Which game? : Dragons online
Dev*sighs*it pains me to report this person…she's my best friend but she has done some pretty bad stuff…please warn her to make her stop so she doesn't get banned….…
Her name : Error pj!sans
. . .
Nov 14 2018 15:53 PM Post #3218

Which game? : Dragons Online
Hey Dev! Before I continue, I'm Zykiri, I just changed my name. ^^

The reason I'm here is just to say that the weird thing I reported a few weeks ago where whenever I closed D.O and went back on it, my stats would change and my player kills would go down has now stopped. I changed my name to Aru last night and changed my look and everything, and I opened D.O just now, and thankfully, my look was still the same and my name was still Aru. Phew, thank the Lord that bug has stopped! 0.0

Anyway, nothing serious. Just came to tell yah. Bye!
Pyro Bendy
Nov 13 2018 23:31 PM Post #3215

Which game? : Dragons online 3d multiplayer
Thank you for responding I am using an Android. The bug is just annoying it only bans me for a few minutes when I load back on it will let me play(a few more details). If you want more details just do what you did ;-;. Thank you again.

-pyro bendy
Pyro Bendy
Nov 13 2018 3:12 AM Post #3214

Which game? : Dragons online 3d multiplayer
Okay so I've been getting kicked out of my servers and the dev servers. But not the regular "lost connection" it kicks me out all the way back to menu, but then it doesn't let me join back in(in other words it makes me not able to click the play button) I'm pretty sure this is a glitch, I did delete one of my high laggy games that made me not be kicked out for a while but then it kicked me out... I'm just very confused and annoyed....I was wondering if you could help me Very Happy. Thank you.

- Devs Reply -
Hi, what device are you using?
Amazon, Apple, Android, a few users have reported this, but i cannot make it happen to myself to try fix yet.
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