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Mar 14 2018 13:39 PM Post #2738

Which game? : Dragons Online
Hi Dev. On Dragons Online, I swear, you have to do something about this member. They're name is Zennityl, and they are rank 1600+. Every time I join the server, she turns pvp off since she's a coward. We had an argument about her not being a coward when she literally is, so I started ignoring her after that. I have my name in the dark grey color, and after I cleared my chat, Zennityl said "thx, now I can copy ur stats for my other device". I told her that I was gonna tell you, but she's not listening. And now she's gonna copy my stats and use them as her own. You have to ban her Dev, or at least do something to stop her. Please. The only reason she's copying my stats is because she's jealous, and she doesn't have anything else better to do than be a jealous little snoop. Also, she's using my stats because her stats are terrible. Please ban her Dev. Thank you! The server was Fort Wildfire by the way.
Mar 13 2018 2:49 AM Post #2737

Which game? : Raptors Online
There are these two people called "Aero Waltz" and "Wild Card" and they have been terrorizing Raptors Online. They will not leave anyone alone and they keep saying mean things about people in Russian. They won't leave anyone alone whatsoever. I don't want to play anymore if this continues. It's one thing to kill for fun, but to kill people for no reason is different. They aren't trying to have fun. They are trying to show everyone that they are the best and unstoppable. It's just mean when they don't stop when I've asked over and over. Please ban them or at least something to stop them... I don't want to play a game where people are being mean and are just being bully's. Please do something about this...
Mar 12 2018 20:06 PM Post #2736

Which game? : Hill cliff horse
Hey dev Very Happy I'm having an issue with the Hungarians. They're being very rude and annoying, they say "developer farm" is theirs, please make them their own server so Americans can come on in the morning and night Neutral thank you for your time Razz
Mar 11 2018 23:02 PM Post #2735

Which game? : Dragons online
Hello Dev I have had some problems with a player named tc . . .
. (Lost)
Mar 11 2018 14:23 PM Post #2734

Which game? : Dragons Online
Hi Dev. Everytime I try to send you a report, it keep saying "Do not use long words" when my report isn't even going past the box. Can you sort it out please? Smile
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