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May 15 2019 3:45 AM Post #3491

Which game? : Dragons online
Server- Devs lagoon
Name- Symbiote Bendy
Pack- Lusty r----t
Rank- 122
Reason I'm reporting- Constant mature "themes" or actions
Pizza time!
May 13 2019 20:35 PM Post #3490

Which game? : Dragons Online
O k a y

so this time i wasn't able to get into the server menu as the button to do so was faded to indicate i was banned from playing? This happened when i was playing and got kicked :/
I couldn't access servers for a while. I wasn't talking to anyone and was only killing away :/ also the server numbers seem frozen and fort is gone. Probably is my connection but I've never had any problems like this and the other games work fine ._.

- Devs Reply -
Being kicked out mid-game and the play button being faded, means corrupt save file, game tampering, or speed cheating detected.
Its doing that to protect the other players from you.

I'd recommend not doing anything bad to the game like the above, but if you are not, then i'd say there is something definitely wrong with your device/internet/game.
Pizza time!
May 12 2019 16:04 PM Post #3489

Which game? : Dragons Online
Okay so I am able to play your other games like Hillcliffhorse and raptors and all but for Dragons I was able to join a few of the dev servers but every 10 minutes I'd get kicked even when I was moving and pvping my friends and the game would switch me to backup servers. It would work later when i went in and out of the create menu but now it isn't working at all?

Am I temporarily/fully banned or is the game not working?
Btw some of the servers weren't working right (enemies in fort wouldn't respond to damage) and lagoon froze) these past few days and other players said the same?

- Devs Reply -
I play tested each game on my phone, they all still work fine for me, i restarted all the servers anyway, as they probably needed a refresh.
Otherwise sounds like you have a very bad internet connection Shocked
。JC 。
May 12 2019 1:20 AM Post #3487

Which game? : Raptor RPG - MMO
Good morning Devpai~

There's a player on the developer's park server, named Serpent, who is acting very sketchy, being inappropriate, and just plain harassing us. ^^; I was wondering if you could come and ban him for us?

Peaches ._.
May 09 2019 19:30 PM Post #3486

Which game? : All
Hi, dev. Neutral

I was wondering... if you could unban me? I’m sorry for whatever I’ve done... I had so many friends on your games and that was the only place I was actually social on. Please give me another chance? I would love to prove to you I’m trustworthy. Sad :

~ Thanks. Mad
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