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Oct 12 2018 3:22 AM Post #3158

Which game? : Dragons online
Xd it's me again. Here to say. Ban a dude named himself, he is very salty and we were dating now..idk wat happend but he flipped out on me...wich is y I wanted to get muted, lol. I have tarrible mood swings and anger issues, so I was trying to be anger free But it didn't work out.....

So I hope u unban me. And give me another chance...that's wat I did to my bf, I mean ex :3 bug any ways thanks happy Halloween? XD oh and uhh how do u send fan art to the fan art page?

Help me and uhh thanks again. Bye ^^
Oct 12 2018 3:17 AM Post #3157

Which game? : Dragons online
Hey dev it's memic, the player u just banned , er I apologize and I didn't know this would happen I'm sorry! Sorry sorry sorry! Plz forgive me! I was just playing around. All I wanted to do was be muted for a cupple days ! My anger gets out of me a lot and I thought being muted would I won't
ever ever do this again, I promise.

Thanks dev for teaching me a lesson.
Oct 11 2018 21:58 PM Post #3156

Which game? : HILL CLIFF HORSE
*sigh*im sorry, I know you've already banned and fully muted 2 people already today...... But the aggressive KYLE is back on world.. Being the inappropriate him..
Oct 08 2018 18:59 PM Post #3155

Which game? : Raptors Online
Hello dev,
Raptors Online is a great game, especially with the beautiful new update that implemented sky boxes into the maps. However my one concern is about the ad placements. I don't mind ads on the homescreen or after I die, but the ads that pop up in the chat are infuriating! The video ads (that cannot be skipped) keep your raptor stuck in the chat, vulnerable to being killed. It makes saying hello to your friend a deathwish at this point. Please remove the ads in the chat, or at least make the raptors immortal when the ads play.

- Devs Reply -
Thank you! Very Happy
The chat Ads were supposed to stop spammers etc, but its not quite worked, i'l be adjusting or removing it Cool
Oct 07 2018 6:28 AM Post #3154

Which game? : Dragons Online
Nega pyro's name is now anti pyro.
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