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Jun 11 2018 23:25 PM Post #2901

Which game? : Hch
Hey developer again.. There's a person on hill cliff horse kammaro mare. She's faking people without stopping She's gonna fake everyone, she's relentless. She's faked a guy and soon gonna fake fallen. /azeri.or me. Or anyone else. It's getting annoying and rude. Please help..
Thank you for readingSad
~mini azeri
Jun 11 2018 16:18 PM Post #2900

Which game? : Hch Ragdoll
Crying or Very sad I really love this game and the graphics and how you can change up your horse I guess I must have accidentally clicked on a inappropriate server name I didn’t know at first so I started playing and then I realized then left so I don’t know why am banned hopefully you all can do something about it I love this game and I hope that I can play it another day
Jun 11 2018 12:26 PM Post #2899

Which game? : Dragons Online
Hi there dev theres someone named "redskull" in the stronghold server or yours and he is cussing bad words.Can you warn him or give him a mute? Rolling Eyes
Jun 11 2018 2:07 AM Post #2898

Which game? : Dragons online
Dev this is an emergency. Spawn is being rude in your fort wildfire after a pvp.
Rank: 1163
Name: ?spawn?
Pack: ?hellspawn?
Breed: undead
Icon: Death
Element: Lightning
Jun 11 2018 2:02 AM Post #2897

Which game? : Dragons online
Hey dev, you are probably sick of me, but there is someone saying that they are a hacker on their iPad on your game, and that they were rank 90,000 before they were previously banned.
Rank: 73
Name: Death Song
Breed: death wing
Icon: male
Element: water
They came into my server last night/ tonight and wouldn't stop bugging me and my friend. Thank you again for reading my reports. Keep making this game the best out there! Very Happy
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