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Jun 30 2019 16:35 PM Post #3598

Which game? : Raptor-RPG
Hi dev😀!Can you mute 爪卂丂Ҝ from chat because 爪卂丂Ҝ is calling me and my friend "Disco" a coward and loser's!I cant stand 爪卂丂Ҝ calling me and disco bad words!
Chloe shimkus
Jun 30 2019 11:19 AM Post #3597

Which game? : RaptorRpg
Hi dev in raptor RPG people are bullying me and my best friend blaster. And someone name is Pretor and he keeps on saying mean stuff to me cuz someone name is Griffiti and he swears cuz he thinks he is the best but he is not and he is saying the bad word and someone name is 尺|卩卩乇尺 (爪) he keeps on being mean to me to. it’s basically me and blaster are getting hurt feelings and getting bullied can you just mute them from chat I cannot stand them anymore being mean to me
Jun 30 2019 2:19 AM Post #3596

Which game? : Hill cliff horse
Hey dev! I just came to ask a question about a rumor I've heard Mr. Green I heard a rumor that Hill cliff was shutting down? Is that a truth or a false? I really don't know Neutral 😂

- Devs Reply -
Don't believe everything people say online, or in person either to be honest Laughing
Jun 30 2019 0:16 AM Post #3595

Which game? : Raptor-RPG
Hi dev😀!Im Blaster!Sorry this is not a report but I want some new updates in Raptor RPG!First, at the hub I wish you can invite your friends over and you can chat there and I also wish there was a friends list.And there should be an upgrade at the beach like there shall be a tiki bar were you can drink coconut drinks!And there will be 2 chairs were you can sit in and watch the waves!
Jun 30 2019 0:07 AM Post #3594

Which game? : Raptors Online
Hey, Dev. There's a player on Raptors Online named "Ronaldo 9" that keeps trying to make everyone rage quit the game. He keeps insulting everyone in a certain pack and I feel he's ruining the game for everyone.
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