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Dominick Nesgoda
Apr 12 2019 1:53 AM Post #3442

Which game? : Hill cliff horse
Very Happy. You should make THE horses lay down like when there born. And you should make it dinosaur day on the game that would be cool and you should make when u customize your horse you should use like pant to make it what you like
Emmy Moonlight
Apr 11 2019 22:32 PM Post #3441

Which game? : Dragons online
hello dev,

Names emmy yes if you hear bad about me non of it is true a lot hate me for no reason but also could u fix why no one can join me is it only my internet? Cause it’s been like this for months now but I also did get new WiFi but still could you do something or not I would love to make a server again and have people join I only join my boyfriend who yes I know in real life don’t worry, but back to point could u please fix it if you can it would be a big help because on dev lagoon people are talking bad things about me and my boyfriend 😢😓 it’s very stressful and I have problems which does not help one but I hope u can understand Dev this has been happening for a very long time.. spino is a guy on dev lagoon please dev it’s a pain to be called awful things and I really mean awful things and lies I hope u can understand
From Emmy, to the all knowing only outstanding dev
Apr 11 2019 21:43 PM Post #3440

Which game? : Dragons online
And huh sorry i might’ve spelled in game a little wrong dev please don’t ban me it’s just I’m tired of all the things including called and my boyfriend it’s awful I’m bullied in real life and these people make rumors of others I try to fight back but they make others hate me and him... I just want it to end it’s stressing and I’m truly am sorry you must read the complaints I get it’s a pain but I just had to finally tell u cause I can not do the bullying any longer. Also have a fantastic day or night what ever your having cause u do make cool games a lot of us kids play hope you come on dev lagoon and please do not ban Goldenfox or John teen vamp they did nothing wrong thank u. Crying or Very sad Sad
Apr 11 2019 21:36 PM Post #3439

Which game? : Dragons online
Hello dev I’ve never done this but I’m someone I’m game who doesn’t do much by be with someone who I care shout but others on dev lagoon have been saying awful things about me and him there’s spino and many others please tell them to stop it’s not helping my I’m real life problems and bullying I know is not allowed if you could an sorry for all the things you just deal with from your games I hope your life is better than what you see us complain about. Sad
Apr 06 2019 14:04 PM Post #3438

Which game? : Dragons online
OH. Speaking of ARCHAEOPTERYX I agree with geno, but arch should be FULLY MUTED untill he stops harassing us and cyber bullying. I'm nice to him, but he rather be a idiot about it and say bad stuff to me and about me, EVERYONE in this WHOLE game. HATES him. When u see him. Get rid of him.. and I was told he has two accounts too

Sorry for the rudeness in this message, thank u for reading!!^_^
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