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Error pj!sans
Mar 31 2019 23:20 PM Post #3431

Which game? : Dragons online
Hey dev.. it’s me again and it’s about pyro and emmy and yet pyro and emmy are happy without me in pyro’s server... and what should I do? Report them or something??
Mar 29 2019 2:12 AM Post #3415

Which game? : Dragons online
Hey dev. Everytime I try to kill the enemies, (dragons caveworm, and the fairy), they don't take damage. It takes a long time to kill them because they aren't taking damage from me. Idk why but I shoot more then 50 large magic attacks, in its face cause I have a ton of health, it doesn't do anything. The health bar won't move at all and no blood. Is it something fixable ? An when I battle with pvp, I see my shots hitting the other player but they dont get damaged from it an when I completely miss them, or not shoot directly at them, I end up hitting them. Everything fighting in it is laggy except melee attacks.

- Devs Reply -
Hi, either your internet or device is running slower than normal, and its not registering the data.

Try this:
- For your device, close other apps, free up space, turn off and on, and then set the games graphics to low.
- Internet, move closer to wifi router, make sure its not near any electrical equipment that might cause interference, people in your house streaming videos or music may be causing a drain on the speed and latency, so play when they are not or ask them to stop XD
Good luck!
Mar 25 2019 22:06 PM Post #3414

Which game? : Hill cliff horse
Hi dev, idk if you will do this for me but could you please make me a mod I've seen a bunch of mods around that haven't been doing anything about ppl cursing and acting up just because there are no mods around. I play daily so I could catch anything serious it might sound childish but cursing is a big issue in the game. I just want to do something about it
Mar 25 2019 19:00 PM Post #3413

Which game? : Hch
Okay I am so so so sorry for this one,but waterleaf came back,and the person she muted did too,so she muted her again.Waterleaf said you’re not allowed to come back until someone unmutes you.Im just confused now..have a wonderful day again I’m really really sorry
Mar 25 2019 18:45 PM Post #3412

Which game? : Hch
Hey dev idk if this is okay,but water leaf your mod is stalking servers,and muting people,she did the right thing to mute,but stalk?liks I said idk if it’s okay.btw some mods are not being fair,and just muting for no reason at all.Like my friend said azari muted him for asking a question,and she was just muting people for the fun of it.Im sorry to bother you,have a wonderful day dev
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