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Apr 30 2018 22:26 PM Post #2807

Which game? : Hch
DEV, they're being worse!!!! Sad I'm about to just leave Neutral they're being so gross, and it's causing more people to join,he's spammed very inappropriate words that shall not be repeated....... Please if you have read this I really don't want other kiddos like me know to much for there age.. From people like them Neutral I'm sorry if I'm qnnoying right now, I just don't want other children learning to much for their age.. Please don't ban me if I'm spamming πŸ˜‚
Apr 30 2018 22:18 PM Post #2806

Which game? : Hch
Sad dev, wes ambrose and monster are being life scarring for 11 and under.. Worse than that actually, scarring for all ages, I'm really tired of it.. And so are the other players, you're probably tired of hearing of me by now XD, but this is serious to report, I don't want young kids lives scarred like mine with danni and Oreo.
Darkreaper (rp
Apr 30 2018 12:49 PM Post #2805

Which game? : Dragon online
There is a player Who come at my server on dragon online only to annoy me i try talk with her kick her and anything nothing work so do something
She is named Night Death (f
Apr 30 2018 6:34 AM Post #2804

Which game? : Dragons Online
Hi Dev. I'm here to report a player called Darkwolf, rank 500+. He keeps chat killing me and Tko (Malachite) and he's incredibly annoying. I've managed to kill him twice and Malachite was able to kill him once, but he won't quit it. There's usually a reason a chat killer would chat kill a pacific player, but we hadn't done anything to Darkwolf, which is confusing. We guessed that he's just one of them stupid chat killers who kill players for no reason. No matter what we do, he keeps following us and chat killing us. Can you ban him, or give him a mute, please? Thanks Dev.
Corey Dotterweich
Apr 28 2018 17:32 PM Post #2803

Which game? : Dragons online
This person named trolly blogger keeps spamming and it’s really annoying and it would be nice if you muted him thanks
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