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Apr 06 2019 14:04 PM Post #3438

Which game? : Dragons online
OH. Speaking of ARCHAEOPTERYX I agree with geno, but arch should be FULLY MUTED untill he stops harassing us and cyber bullying. I'm nice to him, but he rather be a idiot about it and say bad stuff to me and about me, EVERYONE in this WHOLE game. HATES him. When u see him. Get rid of him.. and I was told he has two accounts too

Sorry for the rudeness in this message, thank u for reading!!^_^
Apr 06 2019 13:57 PM Post #3437

Which game? : Dragons Online
Heyo dev, I have changed my name to ☬black husky☬ When u wanna unmute me, look for me in forest, lagoon, or city

Thank you and have a great day/night
Apr 06 2019 1:25 AM Post #3436

Which game? : Dragons Online
Name : Archaeopteryx

Reason : saying the racial slur for a colored skin person

He’s not on much, but when he is, he just literally insults anybody, please mute him when you see him i really don’t like him he’s annoying Sad
Apr 05 2019 22:33 PM Post #3435

Which game? : Dragons Online
Heyo dev, I won't be playing in a while, but I wanted to know about when would u unmute me? I don't understand what I did wrong. I said nothing bad but about my noob acc getting muted, so I'm very confused.. but I'm just wondering when I might get unmuted or if I'll get unmuted at all, love ur games rated 5 star, and I'm trying to send u fan art..

Insanity Sans
Apr 02 2019 20:52 PM Post #3434

Which game? : Dragons Online
Hi and please mute or ban Karma Ren, she has a fancy font and she sometimes goes by other names that have Ren in them. She usally is on her own server.

Shes been rude by muting and fighting me suddenly, it would be helpful if you mute or ban her. Thank you if you do so.
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