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Pizza time!
May 27 2019 23:36 PM Post #3517

Which game? : Dragons Online
Very Happy I was able to join after resetting my device but within a minute I was kicked :/ so I'm positive that this all isn't the result of me getting banned (don't think I did anything wrong, have I—plz let me know if I did). Sorry for bothering though. . . I don't play the game as much so it isn't a big deal it's just weird because I've never had this happen before until the beginning of May ._.
Cheers, love u

- Devs Reply -
I'd suggest waiting until next Dragons Online update for Amazon devices.
After i finish this accounts thing, i'i be doing a quick update on all my games for store and device compatibility stuff, maybe it will work better then Smile
Pizza time!
May 27 2019 23:30 PM Post #3516

Which game? : Dragons Online
Neutral I haven't played in a few weeks but when I got back on on a server, I got kicked again and the play button was faded again. Going through the create menu didn't work and exiting the game didn't work :/ I don't break the rules (maybe I said the word "frick" once but that was in 2017 i swear). It's probably my device and if so could you give me any advice so it doesn't happen as often?
May 27 2019 21:36 PM Post #3515

Which game? : Hill cliff horse
Hi dev I was wondering if I could get a second chance , I've never been banned off of any other game because I don't play any other online games and I'm sorry for what I have done.
President A Horse
May 27 2019 21:10 PM Post #3514

Which game? : Hill cliff horse
I am running for moderator in 2020, I am strict and unbiased since my friend backstabbed me. and also im Kaneki remember me?

Love, President of all A horses, A horse

- Devs Reply -
Good luck!
May 27 2019 11:07 AM Post #3513

Which game? : Dragons online
Dear dev,

I understand that you’ve banned me and JB for being inappropriate. Me and jb are very sorry and we won’t do this again. . . .o . . .Could you unban me and jb please we all beg of you. Thank you very much dev. Samara out.
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