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Hey dev
Jan 18 2019 2:56 AM Post #3296

Which game? : Hill cliff horse
Hi dev I came here to tell you that the person said to ban reya,Amon,satan, and storm is setting them up,it’s not true that they are using inappropriate language because they are usually and always please do not ban them,I think it must of been an old friend that got mad about something but took it too far. But so far nothing bad about them.
Jan 16 2019 19:51 PM Post #3293

Which game? : Dragons online: stronghold lagoon
Dev, there is spamming going on by the user “moonlighto” and “Jeff” they are repeating the words “I love sausage” over and over and it’s really annoying. Can you either ban them or mute them as a warning. Thank you dev
Jan 15 2019 22:13 PM Post #3292

Which game? : Hch online
HeYa DeV I wAs WoNdErInG iF u CaN tElL mE wHeN iM nOt BaNnEd PlS tElL mE iM vErY sOrRy
尺モ刀 S丹爪∪尺丹工
Jan 15 2019 2:57 AM Post #3291

Which game? : Dragons Online
Hey, dev! (long time no see!:L)
I usually don’t report people, mostly because I feel like they’ll just get what they deserve sooner or later..HOWEVER, This player “Snowfall”(fancy font), Is always harassing me. It doesn’t matter if I used my other names, Deathstroke, Ko, ect., she’s allways treating me poorly. From calling me names, pointing me out to the point the whole server is against me, or just straight up being a snob. She has been banned, and muted, but she’s back, AGAIN. I just wanted to point this out, because this has been going on for very well over a few months now. ALSO, Happy New Year!! Wink

~尺モ刀 S丹爪∪尺丹工
Jan 14 2019 20:44 PM Post #3290

Which game? : Dragons Online
Sorry dev, but the servers are STILL down! Evil or Very Mad and it makes me upset when I can't be in dev forest and lagoon ;-; plz fix this Crying or Very sad
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