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Dec 01 2018 23:03 PM Post #3234

Which game? : Dragons online
Hi dev, I was just wondering if I can save my rank and profile when I restart the game, or make a new acc without restarting... it may not be possible bug I was just wondering ^^ love the game. And thank u!
Nov 29 2018 1:38 AM Post #3233

Which game? : Dragons Online
Hello dev, I would like to request a feature in a future update, which could protect privacy. A message in the chat for player servers and possibly developer servers saying " joined the game" and " left the game". This could help the host in a player server know if someone is watching them and if they actually leave. Thanks for concidering!

Sincerely, Nightslasher

- Devs Reply -
Hi, this has been a feature in my past games, but was removed, either due to being annoying (alot of people joining, leaving over and over).
Or it meant people were instantly kicking those that joined, and its supposed to be a multiplayer game for everyone to play..
Mr. Green Mr. Green
Mackenzie wade
Nov 28 2018 3:53 AM Post #3232

Which game? : Dragons online
I dont know if it's just because of my phone but it never saves the skin that I create when I leave the app and come back. Is there a possibility you could show me or add something that actually saves the skin. Thank you and btw I love your games! 🖤

- Devs Reply -
Hi, theres a S icon, to save, that needs to be pressed.
Then it depends on how your phone/tablet saves images and if the game can detect how to do it, then do it Mr. Green
If your on Android, you could try check the permissions settings, and see if anythings not activated.
Nov 28 2018 1:27 AM Post #3231

Which game? : Dragons online
I came here today to report spammers in lagoon they won't stop and my friends are not liking it please do something -soulsand
§°» Virgil «°§
Nov 25 2018 22:51 PM Post #3230

Which game? : Dragons Online
To Dev,

I’ve been experiencing some minor bugs on Dragons Online. It says it’s the old version and needs to be updated, but my phone is up to date and there are no updates available to update the game

Please help/sort this out

Thank you for reading,


- Devs Reply -
Hi, game works okay for me, i think you have been temporary banned.
Most likely for bad words on one of my other games Twisted Evil
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