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Killer kitsune
Sep 29 2018 8:38 AM Post #3146

Which game? : Dragons online
please ban night death(f she out of nowhere started harassing my friend again just ban her she won't stop with the harassment she is just making pure drama with others also she has made rumors and lies on my friend also, please just ban her from game before she ruins the game forever. thank you for understanding

killer kitsune
cat man
Sep 29 2018 3:49 AM Post #3145

Which game? : hill cliff horse
lol the Russian dev server . . . Just now there’s a guy named white shadow and a girl named light-f-single whos . . .
Sep 26 2018 17:35 PM Post #3144

Which game? : Hill Cliff Horse
Hello !

I am here to say that I love your game but I have one question / request : would it be possible to give the possibility to players to buy your app in order not to have ads anymore ? It is really annoying and since it is free I know they must exist, but allow us to buy the game and be free from ads would be great too (plus still let it free with ads), no ?
Because I would definitely pay for that app !

Best and thank you for this amazing fun horse game
Sep 26 2018 0:56 AM Post #3143

Which game? : All
Heya dev, I am having a problem with rrpg, I'm trying to update it, But I got it stuck in limbo, therefore, it isn't playable, I've tried to clear up some space, but that didn't help, can you perhaps help me? That would be great if you'd can Mr. Green

- Xerneas, 9/25/18

- Devs Reply -
Hi, if its a problem with your app store, you should google it, might be a common thing.

I just searched for "game stuck on downloading google play"
And a lot of results came up, with a few ways to try fix it, good luck Mr. Green
Sep 25 2018 19:13 PM Post #3142

Which game? : Dragons Online
Hey Dev. Why does it always say "Please do not use long words" every time I need to post a comment? Because I need to report a player, desperately. Help plz!
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