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Feb 27 2019 21:15 PM Post #3356

Which game? : Hill cliff horse
Hello, dev! I’d like to report a person named “dead eye” in devs world right now, who is spamming, they won’ stop and it’s gettibg annoying
Feb 27 2019 18:21 PM Post #3355

Which game? : Hch
Hey dev I’d like to report ~kelly~mare~she won’t stop asking for a boyfriend.Shes begging over and over again,a lot of people have asked her to stop but she won’t.have a wonderful day dev🤗
G⃠r⃠e⃠l⃠l⃠ S⃠u⃠t⃠c⃠l⃠i⃠f⃠f⃠ (AKA JC♥)
Feb 27 2019 3:19 AM Post #3354

Which game? : Dragons online
Hey dev,
The main servs are down, leaving only the Blizzard, Apocalypse and Galaxy open. Shocked
Please fix the other servs. ;w;

Thanks for reading, have a good day or night,
Mr. Green
Feb 25 2019 22:24 PM Post #3353

Which game? : Dragons online
Hero dev, it would be great to add new things!

Like add a new dev server, make new skins, a new NPC and more maps! and it would be cool if u could make that new NPC change our characters sizes!

Anyways, these are just ideas I thought you might like
Thanks for making these games and have a great day/night
Idea Mr. Green
G⃠r⃠e⃠l⃠l⃠ S⃠u⃠t⃠c⃠l⃠i⃠f⃠f⃠ (AKA JC♥)
Feb 24 2019 16:49 PM Post #3352

Which game? : Dragons online
Heya dev,
So Moonwatcher, around rank 200, commonly hangs around Stronghold Lagoon, black text, blue chat bg.
Not to be confused with the lower rank white text one.
Please keep an eye out for her, she's been rather rude, attention seeking, lying, and then she's nasty towards the ones that don't believe her. .
I'd rather appreciate it if you'd put an end to this, sorry for the huge message.
Have a great, absolutely splendiforus day or night,
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