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Jun 24 2018 21:06 PM Post #2929

Which game? : Dragons Online

- Devs Reply -
I think Chubz and Penelope are same person arguing with themselves Mr. Green ignore it
Update Crashes
Jun 23 2018 17:56 PM Post #2921

Which game? : Dragons Online
I know you updated to fix the chat problem, but a new problem came with it. The game randomly kicks me out and won't let me hit the "play" button to go to the server list. Every time it does this, I have to completely close the app and reopen it. If you could fix the problem, that would be great. Still love your games!

- Devs Reply -
Hmm android?
I don't have a problem on my phone or tablet :/
Jun 17 2018 15:08 PM Post #2909

Which game? : Raptorpg
Surprised I love you're games 🌸💕so so much you do so good on them ♥. ♥
Oh and I just wanted to ask just 2 little things can you make a option we're you can put more features on the Dino 💞? So players can be creative? & Be different in there own way :3? and 1 more little thing can you make a option where you can design you own skin? Because I kinda want to make a raptor skin with roses 🌹 on it 💕I just love you're games so much thanks •^ -^•
Jun 12 2018 21:10 PM Post #2903

Which game? : Dragons Online
Very Happy Hi dev I wanted to know is it possible for you to mute me for a week? this is crazy that a person wants to be muted X3
Also if u did :3 thank you very much dev may god be at your side and great games ۵۰۵ Mr. Green

Ps: only for a week XD @-@ plz respond Shocked
Jun 11 2018 16:18 PM Post #2900

Which game? : Hch Ragdoll
Crying or Very sad I really love this game and the graphics and how you can change up your horse I guess I must have accidentally clicked on a inappropriate server name I didn’t know at first so I started playing and then I realized then left so I don’t know why am banned hopefully you all can do something about it I love this game and I hope that I can play it another day
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