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May 14 2017 23:09 PM Post #2106

Which game? : Hill cliff horse
Hey dev! Everytime I join one of ur servers every 3 sec I get kicked. Could u do a a bug fix update pls. Thx
May 14 2017 22:28 PM Post #2105

Which game? : Hch
Hey! I want it become a mod, I have all the features. I'm nice people trust me, adore me, & I'm on quite a bit. Also keep in mind donkey coats, with long ear and the tails. You put in unicorn horns and wings. Some people hate the idea of unicorns (me) so a donkey would be fun! Donkeys are actual animals, unlike unicorns. Donkeys are in the horse family, unicorns are not. So get back to me! I'll be waiting..
May 13 2017 3:03 AM Post #2104

Which game? : Dragons Online
As i was saying, my friend said that she had seen bumble bee hours before with his name as yugo rank 182. She also said that the faker could be someone who hates us and said 'ill split the psychotic clan (my clan) up.' the person who said that is named Sonic exe. He is inappropriate and performs cruel jokes on others and disobeys the rules. If this is him, then he played some sick joke thats no where near okay and funny. I dont know what do to and im really messed up right now andi dunno if i should have played dragons today . it is a god game, recommend it
May 13 2017 2:58 AM Post #2103

Which game? : Dragons Online
He developer, I have a mate named Bumblebee, hes nice to me and hes fun to have around, and unfortunately, some people do not feel the same way... Crying or Very sad I was on dev server and saw bumblebee, his rank is 117 and he was swearing and being mean to them and stuff. A friend of mine was on and mentioned my name (i was under a different name, testing out the symbols i put in) and bumble bee was saying that he'd harm me and threatened me. I confronted him and we got into an argument and i was really depressed. Why would he say this stuff about me? I told em i didt want to see them again and i left to visit a friend today. I told them what had happened and they helped me calm down and said they may be someone else posing as him because the real bumble bee was a rank 182 or somewhere (continued Shocked
Stephen Allen - Developer
May 12 2017 20:34 PM Post #2082

Which game? : All
Website related features will be getting adjusted, you may experience minor problems. Thanks Smile

If i do not reply straight away to messages, its because i go to check the servers ASAP. I read messages often. Laughing
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