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Apr 14 2017 10:04 AM Post #2039

Which game? : Dragons Online
Hiya dev, it's meh again

On Dragons Online, I just eliminated someone's hatchling, then he said 'that was my son. Why'd you kill him?!' Then I said 'chill dude, it's part of the game' then he started cussing and saying rude things just because I eliminated his hatchling. And it was fair, because on blizzard falls he eliminated mine, and on lava island he attacked me. I had enough so I got my revenge and eliminated his hatchling. His name was Godzilla, around rank 15. Can you keep an eye out for him? Thx dev Cool
Stephen Allen - Developer
Apr 14 2017 7:07 AM Post #2038

Which game? : HCH
@ Lydress
- There are no moderator stars anymore, they were removed last update. Mr. Green
- Too many players only wanted to be moderator to have a chat star and not to help keep the games calm and safe. Evil or Very Mad
Apr 14 2017 6:20 AM Post #2037

Which game? : Hill Cliff Horse
Heyo dev Cool Soooooo um I was really hoping and wondering if I could have my mod star back..? I really miss having my star and I was and will be very proud to have my star.. but yeah thanks dev and o,ease think about returning my star Smile Good day ~Lydress
Apr 14 2017 4:09 AM Post #2036

Which game? : Hill Cliff Horse
Hello, Dev, and everyone reading this.
I have not been on because my foolish cousin changed my iPhone password and forgot the code Crying or Very sad So I will not be on for a while but I just want everyone reading this to know I love y'all
Blue Flash
Apr 13 2017 19:25 PM Post #2035

Which game? : Dragons Online
Hi dev I saw Anna rank 1277 on your fort wildfire developer servers and that surprised me can you please shut her down so she won't bully other players. Thanks Dev!
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