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May 15 2017 22:46 PM Post #2111

Which game? : Dragons online
Hai Dev again xD
So there is a player named ash spamming over and over..
So I would be happy if you mute her or something else?
Thank you- (she said that this is not her original name she might change it)
Stephen Allen - Developer
May 15 2017 13:09 PM Post #2110

Which game? : All
@Blue Flash
- Its a fighting game Blue, i can't and won't ban people for fighting in a fighting game... Mr. Green
- If that server is too 'active' for you then turn PVP off or join another server. Cool

- I create and test on around 6 devices, it works fine for me. Cool
- If it takes you back to games list screen then its your internet connection dropping, thinking you have disconnected from the game.
- If it takes you back to your phones menu, then its a crash, and is probably related to your phone/OS version/interfering app/almost anything. Mr. Green
Blue Flash
May 15 2017 3:11 AM Post #2109

Which game? : Dragons Online
Hi dev there's another incident on one of your other servers on developers fort wildfire. This player that I mentioned dozens of times. Its Oreo rank 641 and he's trying to kill me and its annoying and I'm not liking it.

Can also ban Oreo please?

Thanks dev!
Blue Flash
May 15 2017 3:07 AM Post #2108

Which game? : Dragons Online
Hi Dev these players are getting annoyed on one of your servers stronghold lagoon developer servers. His name is unknown rank 72 and he's saying a bad and saying (bad word) my life! He's doing that every single time. Its annoying me and the other players and he was threatening a player named bumblebee.

Can you please ban him?

Thank you!

May 15 2017 0:50 AM Post #2107

Which game? : Raptors RPG
hello yet again dev, xD

sorry i keep bothering you, but this keeps going i know its not as bad as what i normally send but it repeating drives me insane, theres this one player twiisted, the bottles, rn he copied my name (!)-(sans)-(!) and he keeps trying to get me or hyper heart to quit, and he keeps going almost making us quit, im not asking you to kick him from game, just have a friendly chat with him, kinda friendly anyway.

Thank you sooooo much,
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