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Chloe shimkus
Jun 29 2019 14:42 PM Post #3593

Which game? : RaptorRpg
Hi dev there is someone siber bullying me online and I don’t like it so anyways I was talking about the animal macaws and I said something that I said was, I can’t buy a pet macaw cuz my mom thinks I’m too young. And after that he said, Disco stupid. Witch that didn’t made sense what he said his name is ричарх it’s not a x it’s something else but I don’t have the font anyways he keeps on killing me being mean to me and calling me a coward witch that basically is bullying and he’s killing everyone else too, so just mute him from chat plz.
Chloe Shimkus
Jun 29 2019 12:25 PM Post #3592

Which game? : Raptorpg
Dear dev, there is someone named ✞Ирбис✞ I don’t know if that name is bad cuz I don’t know how to speak Russian, anyways I was talking about something and he said, Disco, you don’t talking. Witch that didn’t made sense what he said cuz he been talking in Russian that is why and after I text back, no but I’m learning how to remember the keyboard of Russian. and after that he called me a stupid child, and that wasn’t nice what he said and he did hurt my feelings.Sad Oh and by the way thanks for replying back to me on the first report that I did.
Chloe shimkus
Jun 28 2019 23:10 PM Post #3591

Which game? : Raptorpg
Hi dev I saw that the contact thing got cleared I was wondering if you read any of my reports, cuz I been waiting and waiting but I just realized all the reports got cleared I don’t know if I should write the same stuff about the people that I reported in raptorRpg

- Devs Reply -
Hi, it got cleared because there was too much drama
I want nice things to wake up to and read. Laughing
Jun 28 2019 15:40 PM Post #3590

Which game? : Raptors Online
This isn't necessarily a Bug report, but a question instead. I've gotten very far in Raptors Online and would like to know if there is any way to save the Progress I've made. I'm currently on Rank 4,000+ and would be disappointed to lose my work if I'd have to get a new phone or if this phone is lost or broken. Is there maybe a save file somewhere or something so that I can save my progress and store it for later use? Or can Raptors Online have an update that allows players to save their progress by creating and logging into their own account?

- Devs Reply -
Hi, some phones have built in backup features, to PC or Cloud.
If you cannot do either of these, please hold on!
An accounts system is currently being made that will allow you to save rank and carry it across to a new device Smile

Please do not try grab the save file itself, it’l think your cheating, and remove your save data and ban you from many online games.
Dragona King
Jun 28 2019 14:50 PM Post #3589

Which game? : Dragons Online
I had sent an email to him a month ago, this is about an opinion and a suggestion of the game, online dragons, now I ask him, could he read it ?, I would really appreciate it if he had time to read it and answer it ^ _ ^
Wait anxiously for your answer, Dragona King ^ _ ^

- Devs Reply -
Hi, you can use the skin scan on Dragons Online, take a picture of something black, save and use that Smile
There is also a daily skin that keeps changing, one is black with red eyes, a pure black one has been requested a few times, so maybe next big update!
An Online game with many animals would take along time and be very difficult, i would like this too, maybe one day Very Happy
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