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Sep 16 2019 5:53 AM Post #3707

Which game? : RaptorsRpg
Hi, I wanted to ask if I could help in any ways with the spanish translation
I know a lot of spanish players who tried to play but couldn't pass the tutorial or can't understand the NPCs and I want your games to be known by more people over the world, one language more is one step closer I guess
Also I don't want anything in return, just to help and be able to play with some friends
Warped wing
Sep 15 2019 1:47 AM Post #3706

Which game? : Dragons Online
Hello, I was wondering if you could make it possible to hold in the buttons where you change your stats, it would make it much easier.Thanks Mr. Green
Spider saur
Sep 14 2019 18:16 PM Post #3705

Which game? : Raptor RPG
There is 3 people named squid, efe and ninja they say I do dramas but I don't they are insulting me please Stephen help me they made me angry and sad they say the RB pack is bad but it's wrong we don't dramas I beg you Stephen please - the official spider saur
Sep 14 2019 4:54 AM Post #3704

Which game? : RaptorRPG
Hello Developer,
In RaptorRPG we use left joystick to move and right joystick to look but can you add an option by which we can move with right joystick and look with left joystick. Because I got a gamer fracture on my left thumb so I cant move it fast. Due to this I lose everytime in fights. Also this option will be good for lefties.
I hope you read messages on contact section Very Happy
Sep 09 2019 19:34 PM Post #3703

Which game? : All
Heyo. Would you ever consider adding a feature into your games to where no two players can share the name user name, and that you have to wait a certain amount of time before being able to change your name again each time you do so?

Would this cause too much chaos? Smile

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