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Oct 19 2018 22:42 PM Post #3176

Which game? : Raptor RPG and Raptors Online
I have been experiencing some crashes in both Raptor RPG and Raptors Online. I have a Kindle Fire HDX. I only just re-downloaded Raptors Online yesterday, and it was working yesterday. Today I am able to get onto the multiplayer servers, but after less then a minute my game freezes. In Raptor RPG, I was able to play it after the most recent update, but a few days ago (probably 2-4 days ago) it froze first when I was trying to get into a multiplayer map, then after I shut down my Kindle and turned it back on to try again, it froze once I got onto the multiplayer map. It might just be my Kindle, but I figured that I should still inform you. Thanks!
Oct 17 2018 15:27 PM Post #3175

Which game? : Raptors Online
Since the 4.8 update, there have been some bugs with the bosses. They will now run backwards and float up into the sky, even when trying to chase a player.
Also I've been noticing some people being targeted by others and chased around the map; which I think is a form of bullying. Maybe you could implement a way to block players, as in you will not see them and they will not see you.

- Devs Reply -
I've noticed the boss moonwalk bug, its on my to-fix list Smile
Oct 17 2018 10:36 AM Post #3174

Which game? : Dragons Online
Hey dev it's me again..I just wanna know how to upload the art to the fan art page. Can u tell me how to do that plz?

- Devs Reply -
Hi, send it to me over facebook, twitter, email etc
And i upload it to the website Smile
You can find the links to those on this website, i look forward to seeing it ^_^

Concerned player
Oct 14 2018 20:28 PM Post #3169

Which game? : Hill cliff horse
It's now been 20 hours that the servers have been down. During this time, I also checked dragons online and those servers are all gone as well. I have tried literally everything. I've even uninstalled and reinstalled hch, still nothing. When is this going to be fixed? I dom t know if this a glitch with my system or what, but I can't play like this. Please help!

- Devs Reply -
You were temporary banned.
Stay away from, and ignore bad players Cool
Oct 14 2018 14:24 PM Post #3168

Which game? : Dragons online 3d multilayer
Someone named angle keeps bullying my friend peacw and she wont stop pls help
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