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Adam Xoska
Jun 26 2018 20:02 PM Post #2942

Which game? : dragons online
um hi developer I am adam and I want to report a bulky called black George he is calling me mean words like a coward and a wussy and another player called lenny with a face is being mean too . and there's another player called cloudy night and he is attacking me but none of them have hit me once because I'm fast . black George jealous because I hve killed him and he has not attacked me once . Lenny guy tried attacking me too but he failed cuz he's weak . um please ban them from your game " dragons online " because they are big big bullies . Thanks you developer . Kind reguards , from Adam Xoska .
Broken Reality
Jun 26 2018 17:27 PM Post #2941

Which game? : Raptors Online
hai dev!
so on raptors online theres this guy named killer, with arrows around his name, he goes around picking fights with people, like me and my brother, buch. and calls them ‘nolfiers’ and losers and for someone as my 11 year old brother is way to far. they also repeatably kill us, and other people, while chatting, or watching an add, and continue calling us losers, ive told him to stop for the sake of my brother in previous encounters with him, but he continues pin pointing us. he also has another person who is also named killer but higher rank helping him, i believe they are the same person, as the higher rank never talks, he helps kill, but i thought i would throw it out there in case its the same person.
now im not asking you to ban him, because everyone deserves a second chance. but could you please talk some sense into him?
Thank you for your time,
Jun 26 2018 10:34 AM Post #2940

Which game? : Șpirit Animals go
Hiii. I just wanted to say when I press the support button nothing îs happening. The support video doesn't appear. Im just pressing support button and nothing Sad
Also I really like this game. I am in top 20 gamers.
Thank You.

- Devs Reply -
Thank you for playing SAGO! Very Happy

If no support videos show, it mean the advertisers currently have no games to show you, for your device/country.

I will add an option in future to continue playing even if no videos appear Cool
Go Flamingo
Jun 25 2018 21:54 PM Post #2939

Which game? : DRAGON ONLINE
Hey dev!
I have some problems at chat. I can not see what I write. Neutral Can u fix it with new update? It's hard to write. I think all players have the same problem. Ik u can fix it easily. I'm waiting for new updates. Thank you! Mr. Green Very Happy

- Devs Reply -
Can you double check play store for update, im sure i fixed that, for some strange reason it sets input box and font colour as white, ive got to force it not too Rolling Eyes
Jun 24 2018 21:16 PM Post #2931

Which game? : Dragons Online
Hi Mr. Allen,

I've been playing one of your games, Dragons Online, for about four years. Since the newest update, my screen is flipping upside-down and every time I flip it back the other way, it just goes back to being upside-down. I've tried many methods trying to fix it. I just reached rank 600 and I'm really hoping I don't have to delete the game to fix this error.
(Also, I have Raptors RPG, Wildcraft, Wolves Online, and Dinos Online, they're all great! ^_^)

Thank you!

- Devs Reply -
Hi, i remember this problem with Kindles a while back, they use a reverse orientation to the other devices (apple, android etc), which caused a few problems.

Back then i had to wait for the game engine to acknowledge and fix it, i will keep checking with them to see progress for it, meanwhile, is there a screen orientation lock option?
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